About Jan Jacobs

The shapes of the future

Jan Jacobs has been working on his new painting oeuvre since 2014.
His paintings arise from his vision of the future, in which other, new forms occur.
Yet he can count himself among the modern realists.

He is fascinated by the influence of technology on the many facets of our existence.
His subjects are about situations in space or on earth with automatic devices, spacecraft, people, animals and mutants painted entirely according to his own vision.
For a long time he already had ideas about this future, but how do you transform them into a concrete drawing or painting?

He often goes to museums to look at beautiful paintings. The paintings tell him a lot about the way in which a painting result is achieved, real and not real, as in real reality.
With Jan Jacobs, paintings arise from powerful images and thoughts that come to him, which he must first allow to happen and which can happen to him at the most unexpected moments.

In the office, as an employee of a technical wholesaler, during a telephone conversation with a customer, he can suddenly have an image attack and he then must ensure that the customer does not notice it. Creatures, robots, machines pass by in a colorful procession.

Behind the drawing board it is a lot of fun to work out those ideas. They are drawings and notes together on the same sheet of paper. Then he begins with his painting.

Since 2014, to his great relief, there has been more structure and clarity in his work and he is able to handle all this form information much better. His oeuvre grows and grows, now that he can place his own storm of images on paper and on canvas.