The shapes of the future

How does our technological future look like?

Jan Jacobs has been working on his new oeuvre of paintings

since 2014.
His paintings originate from his current or long-term vision of the future,

in which other, new forms occur.
He can count himself among the futuristic realists.

Inspired by technology

Jan Jacobs is fascinated by the influence of technology, in many facets of our existence.
His subjects are about situations in space or on earth with automatic devices, spacecraft, people, animals and mutants painted entirely according to his own ideas. The titles of his work also reflect his fascination with technology:

A humanoid happily walks her dog with folding wings, with a floating, gravity-defying village in the background in "Satisfied humanoid with happy dog".

A group of women have a nice day in space in: "Outing in space".

A clean cow flies to the dairy on its own power, with all facilities to arrive at 0-energy level, except for its milk, in "Clean cow under its own power en route to the dairy".

The shapes of the future are expressed in unlikely constructions with bizarre energy sources and equally strange engines.
The painting: “Village in space” is a good example in this respect.

Jan Jacobs' visions of the future manifest themselves in a very surprising ways in his paintings.
The paintings are executed in acrylic paint on linen in sizes ranging from 30 X 45 cm to 60 X 80, with the exception of a few smaller and larger sizes.